how we do

Our vision is to provide a platform from which anyone can easily share their creativity and work with the world.

世界中のどこに住んでいても、 性別、人種、年齢、外見に左右されることなく、

Creating a company for people around the world to enjoy.

Creating a new entertainment experience together with creators and users. No matter where in the world you are, with a common device you can share and experience with other people around the world.
This is the wonderful future that we aim to create.

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It’s not about who we deliver content to, the planning behind why we do it and what we deliver is what is importance. From project planning to engineering, we have gathered a wide range of specialists to provide support.


When laying the groundwork for various types of content creation such as Illustration, Computer Graphics, and Music Production we consider operational planning and create demo projects for review through careful examination, in order to move from staff assignment to the execution phase .


Balus’ studio is completely equipped with VICON Motion Capture Studio , allowing for complete Virtual Character filming from editing to xR Live Entertainment distribution all from the same location.

04xR Live Experience

Unlike limited video platforms such as YouTube, with live experiences music, lighting and imagery can be made full use of, providing a moving experience only possible with augmented reality live performances and next generation entertainment.

what we do


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